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Dear Mom,

Dear Mom,

Thanks for commissioning me for your first piece of D St. Designs jewelry. I decided to sandwich a 14k white gold band with two 14k yellow gold bands. Then I took your .615ct diamond from your original wedding band and dropped it in a 14kw bezel. The diamond now explodes in a simple & contemporary setting. Hope you like it. A lot. Oh, and feel free to come buy some more.

Doug E

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Sometimes it’s weird… And awesome.

Sometimes it’s weird, yet always awesome. But we’re not afraid. And so it is…

Sterling silver & quartz wedding band. Yes, wedding band.

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Some days it’s just about her.

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Part of the Process…

It’s interesting, the process to making most jewelry, that is. How do these jewelry pieces come about? Well honestly, it’s a centuries old process- Lost Wax Casting. Yep, it’s a freakin’ old process. Some early literary works elude to lost-wax casting as early as within the first century, A.D.

First things first, carve the exact piece you want in wax. That’s it, a wax model. In this case- a Koi fish based off the tattooed Koi on this customer’s arm. It starts with a block of wax and then I start cutting down ’til I have the piece I want. Mostly cutting away the wax, occasionally adding wax to it as well. Eventually you come up with the final product to then be cast…

The next step for this piece is the process of burning the wax out creating a ceramic mold of the model. Thus, the ‘Lost Wax’ happens when the ceramic investment is placed in a kiln, burning the wax out, hardening the model to later be used as the crucible to cast the (gold, silver, platinum, etc.) metal in. Lastly, the final product is produced and ready for finishing!

Stay tuned for the final product!

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His n’ hers.

Not yours n’ mine.

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Thanks, much.

We’re in it because of the passion. The yearning to create all the crazy ideas in our brain. Heart. That’s what drives the day-to-day.  Paying the bills, is an additional bonus that  comes with creating pieces of art.

But when a note like this arrives… Totally takes the passion & stoke to a whole new level. These don’t come often enough.

The appreciation is mutual.

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